Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jewelry Storage and Organization

So you love jewelry, yes? With so many fantastic options out there- a girl simply can't resist. Personally I spend WAY too much time looking shopping for jewelry and supplies on Etsy... not to mention the enormous amount of DIY jewelry on Pinterest!

Here are a few of my fall favorites from my Etsy shop-

Okay, so you have all of these earrings and that's where (a VERY small, nothing to stop you from buying earrings) problem arises. If you can't tell from my Etsy shop, perhaps I should post a photo of the massive amount of earrings I own. I have FINALLY found the most practical storage option that doesn't result in me tossing the earrings down on the counter instead of putting them away.

One day soon I will post a tutorial for this amazing little item that was created from stuff I already had in my craft room! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Now here's my question- What do you use for storing your jewelry? Do you prefer to make something yourself or purchase an organizer? 

Here's a few of my faves on Etsy right now- 

See you soon with my own -DIY Easy Jewelry Hanger-!

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